Parrafin/Asphaltene Inhibitor Sticks
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The Asphaltene Stick keeps asphaltenes solublized (in suspension) and dispersed to avoid re flocculation (rejoining of particles) and reduce the size of particles. The Asphaltene Stick also works well in oil-wells to thin and disperse Paraffin's. Formulated to allow increased contact between solvents and deposits even in the presence of water.




1 1/4 X 15



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The Paraffin Inhibitor Stick is a Oil-soluble stick that release paraffin inhibitor to help reduce paraffin deposition from crude oil in production systems. The Paraffin Inhibitor Stick contains a combination of micro-crystalline wax & special crystal modifiers. These ingredients contribute to an effective inhibiting process on certain ranges of molecular weight paraffin’s.




1 1/4 X 15



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